When cleaning Immaginé we recommend you DON’T USE cleaning products with an alcohol content (often found inglass cleaners.) Scouring and abrasive cleaning materials will damage the gloss surface.

For daily cleaning we recommend the following:

  • A damp cloth with warm water then wipe the remaining moisture off with a dry cloth.
  • Household cleaners like Mr Muscle can beused providing the instructions say suitable to clean
  • Vibrance Acrylic cleaner (available from Plumbers merchants,) is recommended.
  • Any liquid spillages must be wiped off immediately. Carefully wipe spillages off the inside back of
    doors / drawers and from joins in cabinets.

Occasional cleaning

We recommend using Vuplex Plastic cleaner and anti-static polish to clean, protect and polish the gloss
finish on the acrylic. It makes small scratches less visible leaving a surface that is lustrous and
protected. The anti-static repels dust particles.

Buffing / polishing of scratches

Small scratches can be polished to either reduce or remove them completely.

Recommendations on how to polish your immagine kitchen

Buffing to remove fine scratches. This process involves starting with a coarse buffer and moving up to
fine buffing step by step. Immaginé laminates are composite Acrylic/ABS laminates. There is a top layer
of approx 0.2mm thick which responds to the buffing instructions detailed here. Therefore it is
important not to buff too strongly or too deep. Care must be taken not to penetrate the Acrylic layer
as the Base Layer (0.5-0.8mm depending on the colour) will not respond to buffing.

Step One

Using a mechanical Dual action polisher such as a Meguiar’s G220. Start with Solo wool heavy cutting pad with Meguiar’s Cut & Polish cream (GPI Product code M8632). Use the buffer – polisher in a circular motion. The faster the buffer is rotating the quicker and more abrasive the polish is. Once the scratches have been removed start the next buffing process to remove the buffing marks.

Step Two

Using a wool – light cutting pad and Meguiar’s Professional Diamond Cut Compound 2.0 (GPI Product code M8532). Use the buffer on a medium speed to remove the buff marks. The Diamond cut works as a light cutter and changes as it is used to a polish. This stage removes the buffing marks, but doesn’t give the surface the high gloss finish.

Step Three

Now use a foam finishing pad or a foam polishing pad with Meguiar’s Swirl Remover 2.0 (GPI Product code M0916). Use the buffer on a medium speed to bring the surface back to the high gloss finish.
Meguiar’s polishing products are available from GPI Automotive New Zealand Ph 09 2744943

Final Finishing

This should be carried out on all doors and panels on completion of the kitchen as the final finishing process. Spray on Vuplex Antistatic polish-cleaner and buff off by hand with a clean soft cloth.

Vuplex is available from Radar Direct Ph 0800 4Radar or 0800 472 327. Further details are available at www.vuplex.com.au